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pocketmine\level\format\PocketChunkParser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 loadFile ($file)
 loadRaw ($raw, $file)
 getChunk ($X, $Z)
 writeChunk ($X, $Z)
 parseChunk ($X, $Z)
 loadMap ()
 saveMap ($final=false)
 getFloor ($x, $z)
 getBlock ($x, $y, $z)
 getChunkColumn ($X, $Z, $x, $z, $type=0)
 setBlock ($x, $y, $z, $block, $meta=0)

Public Attributes

 $sectorLength = 4096
 $chunkLength = 86016
 $map = []

Detailed Description

WARNING: This code is old, and only supports the file format partially (reverse engineering) It can break, lock, or hit you in the face in any moment.

Definition at line 31 of file PocketChunkParser.php.

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