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pocketmine\level\conversor\pmf\LevelFormat Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getData ($index)
 setData ($index, $data)
 closeLevel ()
 __construct ($file, $blank=false)
 saveData ()
 generateChunk ($X, $Z)
 populateChunk ($X, $Z)
 loadChunk ($X, $Z)
 unloadChunk ($X, $Z, $save=true)
 isChunkLoaded ($X, $Z)
 isMiniChunkEmpty ($X, $Z, $Y)
 getMiniChunk ($X, $Z, $Y)
 initCleanChunk ($X, $Z)
 setMiniChunk ($X, $Z, $Y, $data)
 getBlockID ($x, $y, $z)
 getBiome ($x, $z)
 setBiome ($x, $z, $biome)
 setBlockID ($x, $y, $z, $block)
 getBlockDamage ($x, $y, $z)
 setBlockDamage ($x, $y, $z, $damage)
 getBlock ($x, $y, $z)
 setBlock ($x, $y, $z, $block, $meta=0)
 getChunkNBT ($X, $Z)
 setChunkNBT ($X, $Z, Compound $nbt)
 saveChunk ($X, $Z, $force=false)
 setPopulated ($X, $Z)
 unsetPopulated ($X, $Z)
 isPopulated ($X, $Z)
 isGenerated ($X, $Z)
 doSaveRound ($force=false)
 getVersion ()
 getType ()
 load ($file)
 parseInfo ()
 getFile ()
 close ()
 create ($file, $type, $version=PMF::VERSION)
 read ($length)
 write ($string, $length=false)
 seek ($offset, $whence=SEEK_SET)

Static Public Member Functions

static getIndex ($X, $Z)
static getXZ ($index, &$X=null, &$Z=null)

Public Attributes

const VERSION = 2
const ZLIB_LEVEL = 6
const ZLIB_ENCODING = 15
 $levelData = []
 $isLoaded = true
 $isGenerating = 0

Protected Member Functions

 parseLevel ()
 cleanChunk ($X, $Z)
 fillMiniChunk ($X, $Z, $Y)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file LevelFormat.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pocketmine\level\conversor\pmf\LevelFormat::__construct (   $file,
  $blank = false 
bool | array$blankdefault false

Definition at line 71 of file LevelFormat.php.

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